Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Last Flight of the Teradactyl

I saw it. A few weeks ago at Adzentoivich Woods. It came swooping down on me in the night. Out of the tall pines. As I stood next to Big Blue I heard the rustling of his enormous wings as he prepared for take off from the tree tops.


The trees shook. It looked like the whole forest was coming to greet me. I screamed, "What is it!? What is it!?" Branches creaked and cracked.


"Aghhhhhhhh!", I screeched. I crouched low and covered my face with my arm.

All at once he burst from the dark stand of pine. Wings as wide as I am tall. The creature was black as the night itself. Quickly he flew past with two flaps of his wings.

He disappeared into the night. The trees swayed gently.

The next morning we found tracks in the snow by the creek. Big tracks. Bird tracks. HUGE tracks.

It was the Mighty Teradactyl. We are not safe...

Or maybe it was a turkey.

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