Friday, March 18, 2005


This is a lame title - I know. I feel like this blog has become pretty lame lately. Sorry about that. Things have just been so busy. I know, what else is new. It is not an acceptable excuse for neglecting all of the important things in life - being busy that is. And by important things I mean friends, family, health, sanity, cats...

I dreamt of my Grandfather last night. It was a very moving dream. I woke up feeling like the girl from that new show Medium. Like he was really trying to speak to me, to tell me something. It made me cry. Strange how things like this can knock you off of your focus.

He told me to "spend as much time together as you can. Go to sporting events and listen to music" I know that sounds stupid, but I think I got the message: less work, more quality time together enjoying the simpler things life has to offer. That's it. Just don't stop loving each other. Simple.

Or, it should be simple anyway...

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