Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Brandonville, PA

Population (year 2000): 217 (our addition makes that number 219, but we know of at least one death in the two months since we moved in...so it may still be 217...about the same number that lives in our building in Brooklyn...well, not really...)

Males: 116 (53.5%), Females: 101 (46.5%) (Hey all my single girl friends...come on out...the odds are in your favor if you like the flannel-wearing, deer-hunting, beer-drinking, ATV-driving type)

Elevation: 1190 feet (no wonder it is so easy to become winded when working outside...and here I thought it was because we were out of shape!)

County: Schuylkill

Land area: 1.4 square miles (I believe 26 acres equals one square mile - we own 20)

Zip code: 17967 (this is really the zip code for Ringtown, there is no Post Office in Brandonville)

Median resident age: 44.5 years (We are youngin's compared to everyone else!)

Median household income: $26,125 (year 2000) (Well......we won't go there...but we can say this average will have to go up a bit now)

Median house value: $63,800 (year 2000) (OK...so we paid more than that - but we also got the LAND)

Races in Brandonville:

  • White Non-Hispanic (100.0%) (Wow, this is a little tiny bit scary)

Ancestries: Polish (28.6%), German (15.2%), Dutch (12.0%), United States (11.5%), Lithuanian (9.7%), Irish (7.4%). (Italian 1 person...me, plus one more Lithuanian)

And for even more delightful Brandonville, PA facts you can visit here.

Hope to see you soon!

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