Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quick Update

Hello Readers. Are there any of you left out there? I can no longer call myself a Blogger, and I am sorry for that. Maybe somehow, someday....

But in the meantime, a few updates.

  • Baby #3 is finally head down and ready to go! He was breech the entire pregnancy. I resorted to Chinese Medicine and something called Moxibustion which is basically lighting this sort of cigar sized incense below the outside tip of your left little toe for 20 minutes twice a day. Following each incense burning session you get down on your hands and knees and do a modified version of downward dog for 10 minutes.

  • I also did some other posture exercises which included putting my butt up on a stack of ten pillows and laying on my back so that all of the blood rushed to my head for 20 minutes twice per day.

  • And the last thing we did to get this boy to flip upside down was to put the iPod headphones on the lowest part of my belly with the volume down low (this is actually when I think he flipped). The baby has to flip over to get is ears closer to the sound. I am not kidding.

All of these were doctor recommended measures. And they worked! Baby Boy #3 flipped upside down at 36 weeks and 2 days. This was after my doctor and all of his staff told me that it was unlikely that he would flip and we were discussing things like external versions and c-sections. Now I am looking forward (?) to a nice normal labor and birthing experience. Nothing like the last time. Please keep your fingers crossed and send me some really good energy...

  • My last day in the office at work is this Friday because - well, hey! - I am three weeks away from my due date. And I have a suspicion that I am not going to make it all the way to July 9th before this little guy decides to join our family. I will be working from home beginning next Monday until the blessed event!

  • My Yahoo email no longer works. I think it may have been hacked. My password is no longer valid. This sucks big time because things like my bank and credit card statements are sent to this address. Not to mention my Victoria's Secret specials! Man. It sucks. So if you would please send your own email address of choice to my Gmail account I would appreciate it. My Gmail address is the same as my Yahoo address only with gmail.com instead of yahoo.com at the end (duh!). And if you don't know my Yahoo address then that's OK - I probably don't know you anyway!

  • My lovely Mother in Law has now been living with us for 2 1/2 months and nobody has killed anyone. She has been a huge help with the boys and the house as I have gotten bigger and more tired. Father In Law was also here for 3 weeks in May. He and husband tore apart our back porch and build a new one out of stone. Beautiful work. Someday, if I ever upload the pics from my camera, I will post some images of that for your amazement.

  • My boys are big kids now - or so it seems. They still aren't speaking much that is intelligible, but they are getting there. They have both had hearing tests and they passed with flying colors. It seems they are just taking their sweet time with the language thing. We had to get them new toddler beds today because their convertible cribs don't work when your kdis are climbers...these boys were climbing up on the sides of the toddler bed/crib to get on top of the dresser in their room. The dresser is about 4 1/2 feet tall! this is not acceptable. So we got them toddler beds with low footboards. Hopefully they will be able to reach the top of the dresser but not get on top of it. We'll see....

And now my boss just called me to her office so it is adios again. Ciao!


Jozet at Halushki said...

Congrats on the baby flip!

I tried all that with Jonathan, but we determined during an u/s that the cord was wrapped around his head a few times, and that trying to flip him or encouraging him to flip would not be in his best interest.

Easy labor vibes and maybe we'll see you in August.

steph said...

i keep checking in on your blog!

sending good thoughts of labor your way! send pics!!!