Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meme Update

OK. So here is the story.

When I wrote my things I thought one was a lie - but it turns out they are all true. The sad thing is, I didn't know that. My husband had to tell me!

  1. Yes - I did have fire engine red stripes in my hair back in oh, I'd say 1999/2000 or 2001? Those were the dotcom days and the days of Epoch Entertainment when I was a drum-n-bass promoter. Fun times. Now, if you ask my hubby, he will say they were magenta, not red....but he has been known to be a tad color blind.
  2. Yes - I have been to Portugal multiple times. We went to Lisbon twice, then travelled down the West Coast to the Algarve once and on another trip wen to the Portugese island of Madeira. It is one of the most beautiful countries I have even enjoyed. And back then, I guess it was back in 2001/2003 ish, they were not part of the EU and so the US dollar exchange rate to the Escudo allowed us to travel in style. Those were the days.
  3. Yes - I did pierce my nose. However, it lasted only about a month. You see, I desperatly wanted a little diamond stud and I attempted to swap it out Mother's Day weekend before I went home to see my mom. I knew she would object to the piercing, but at least if it was a cute little diamond it would be less offensive than the stark steel ball they used to pierce it with. This was probably sometime around 2002...the hole closed up in hours as I tried to put the new stud in. I never was able to open it back up. I ended up giving the little diamond to my cousin Natalie who is studying marine biology in New Zeland as we speak.
  4. Yes - I have a huge scar on my knee from a High School ski trip accident. That would be back in 1987. There is a long stupid story behind that one I assure you. Let's just say there was a gondola involved and some bad judgement on my part. Stupid kids.
  5. Yes - I did swim with the Polar Bears Club in Coney Island on New Years Day. In fact, that was one of my very first blog posts. That is a very good memory. I hope to do it again someday.
  6. Yes - I did read a book besides Good Night Moon (available on books.google.com) since the beginning of the year. This is the one I thought was a lie. I completely forgot that I read A Thousand Splendid Suns back in January. Lord knows where I found the time. I completely forgot I read it - Ernie had to convince me that it was true. So, Josette, in my mind, you are the winner :-) And now that I am able to recall that I read it, let me recommend it emphatically. It is an excellent novel. I think I may have liked it better than The Kite Runner.
So, Josette is the winner sort of, but not really. I am sorry I am suffering from pregnant brain and twin mommy brain all at once. I did not start out this meme with the intent to lie to my friends and family....though I am really surprise none of you believed that I had been to Portugal...

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