Friday, February 15, 2008

Daytona 500

Yes. It is that time of year again. The Daytona 500 is this Sunday. I am so excited. It is the 50th Anniversary. 50 years. It makes me think of my Grandpa down at the beach in Daytona at the very beginning. And my dad and his buddies building race cars in our garage at all hours of the night for the race on Saturday. It is sooo in my blood. I get emotional at this time every year. This is my heritage.

It makes me a little bit melancholoy to see all of the big corporate changes happening to the sport. Now the name is the Sprint Cup. Changed from the Nextel Cup the past two years. Before that it had been the Winston Cup for decades. It seems the tradition keeps slippin further and further away. And then there are the cars themselves. Now they are all the same. Boring. And the corporate sponsopship has moved from the likes of Skoal Bandit to Bank of America. Sad.

And the guys themselves? The drivers? All pretty boys groomed for the cameras. Corporate spokespeople first and red neck race drivers second. It seems to take away some of the raw spirit of the sport. The authenticity.

Heck - NASCAR made the front page of the NY Times today. Unheard of!

All of that being said - I am still a supporter and am all fired up for the big race. I hope someday all of my brood of boys will be able to enjoy with me.


steph said...

the fever is most certainly on -- daytona is about an hour and 20 mins south of us, and it is all over our news.

no need to worry -- the nascar fans are still the same beer-guzzling bunch they've always been!

anne said...

Nancy, you almost have a pit crew with all those boys!

Ya know, there are a couple of nice little race tracks in NE PA. Just in case anyone was thinking of moving to their farm...