Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby Update - Half Way There !

Yes, lest you all forget that I am expecting another son...

(quick update on yesterday's post...the washing machine is a Whirlpool not a Maytag and it is SO COOL!)

So, this little guy (just one this time 'round) has made himself known. Recently I have been feeling the jabs, pokes and flips of the newest Adzentoivich-to-be. Of course these were few and far between for the past couple of weeks, but now I can say they are pretty regular. There he goes right now!

And yesterday morning, when I lay in bed awake at 5am (no not to feed my goats, you have to read Anne's blog for those stories) because one of the boys in the next room decided 5am was a great time to play with his talking, singing, migraine-inducing doggie....I noticed a hard little lump protruding from my belly. Baby Butt!!!! Now this is exciting. If you have never experiences a tush, foot or fist pushing up through your abdominal wall you are really missing something big. All of a sudden it became a reality that there is, in fact, another living Adzentoivich boy in there - and he will be joining us sooner than we can imagine!

Way cool.

So, I compared my current one baby-belly to pictures of my two-baby belly from 2006. Guess what? Same size. So, I can't say that I became so HUMONGOUS because I was carrying twins. It looks like this time around I am on track to be just as rotund. And the funny thing is, I have gained about the same amount of weight as I did at the same time in the last pregnancy. Which, really, is almost nothing. Like 6 or 7 pounds. Needless to say I was no twig when we began this adventure. But still. It just all goes to the belly. Unbelievable.

I won't gross you all out again with belly pictures like I did the last time. I promise. But I do, however, have a pretty cool 3D ultrasound pic of Baby X (that's what we're calling him as that is the next letter in the alphabet after his brother's names). He looks just like his older siblings.......when I get to my home computer I will post it (you see, I am on my work laptop at the moment. Shhhh).

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