Friday, September 28, 2007

Sometimes it Sucks

So, I know I just wrote about how things are great and all that. Well, I should have known better than to tempt the "gods" or whatever.

Hello, I am writing to you from the Crowne Plaze hotel in Saint Louis, MO. I spent the night being entertained by a creepy troll-like magician and "networking" with a slew of cool media and agency types in a really cool location, the Transportation Museum in STL. The place was very cool. I was with my boss and our company's CEO.

Backing up to this afternoon, I sit in an office with my client and their legal compliance person discussing a contract with a potential vendor. The fire alarm rings and we are shuffled out of the building with the other 2,000 employees of the world's largest car rental company.

We get back into the office and I get a call from hubby. He is calling from my sister's phone because he is on the other line with the boys' pediatrician. When the boys went in for their one year check up they took blood. The results came back and apparently the boys have "high" lead levels in their blood. I ask "What does that mean". He doesn't know. So they say we HAVE to bring them back in the next day (tomorrow) for additional testing for lead and "some other things". I ask WHAT OTHER THINGS?

He doesn't know.

Are my boys going to be developmentally delayed?

Doesn't lead paint cause retardation?



So I sit here in the hotel counting the minutes until I can get on the plane anc fly back to Laguardia and then get in the car to take me back to HOME. I anticipate getting home aroun lunchtime and then we take the boys to their doctor at 3:00. This is torture - for me.

Could this be related to any of the China-made toys? Is it our old house? or hosues? Is it from the window replacement construction we recently completed which released century-old paint and dust into our home air? I don't know. But I do know that if they do have dangerous levels of lead in their blood we will likely put the house on the market and buy a brand spanking new house with ZERO lead paint.

Please pray for us or whatever. And please send me some good vibes so I can cope with this. I realize that this is the benchmark for how I may deal with problems they may face throughout their lives. I have to be OK with this and trust the doctors and the tests. I know this. It is just so hard because I am not there to hug them.

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Jozet said...

Okay, I know I just told you all this, but I'll write it here:

Orange juice and other foods high vitamin C. If you Google Lead and Vitamin C, there are a lot of articles on the positive effects of Vitamin C chelating lead from the body. It will also help with iron absorption. Try to hide some pureed kale in their pancakes; high in vitamin c and just about everything else.

From a lead site

The following steps should be followed when doing a phosphate wash:

* Use automatic dishwasher detergent (must contain at least 5.0% phosphorus),
* Dissolve one (1) cup detergent per gallon of hot water,
* Use latex gloves,
* Pour dissolved solution into spray bottles,
* Mist surfaces to be cleaned,
* Wipe wet surface with paper towels or disposable rags (use one towel or rag per surface type, for example one rag per window),
* Follow each phosphate wipe with a clean, warm water rinse (use a separate towel or rag for each rinse),
* Dispose of paper towels or rags with normal trash.

I'd give a good wash to all soft toys, rugs and curtains since they may be harboring some old lead dust.

I don't know whether you do this already, but since lead is also brought in from the street, maybe go Asian and switch into socks or slippers inside the house.

It will turn out okay. Your boys are beauties and bright and perfectly on target (if not beyond) developmentally. You'll be amazed at just what a little OJ and damp mopping can do.