Monday, September 17, 2007

Long, long honkin' time

Yes, I know. I am sorry. It's been too long. I have not called. I have disappeared off the face of the Earth. But I did manage to get my boys and myself and my hubby through one full year. Yay! Now I am ready for a nap or a stiff drink. Or a nap AND a stiff drink (not necessarily in that order). Maybe even a smoke. That would be a cigarette, not the other "bad" kind of smoke. But as I have been warned by my ever-loving mother "she will tell my boys what a good mother I was" as I lay dieing from smoking a cigarette at my cousins wedding. *sigh* life is hard, ain't it?

But really, it's not. It's just dandy. I am only positive about where we've been and where we go from here. I do feel like I spent the past year living in somebody else's brain, not to mention somebody else's body. Now I am very relieved to report that both seem to be on their way back to me, their rightful owner. We seem to have successfully exorcised those foreigners from our being. Phew! Now we just need to be very, very careful that the renewed me doesn't go and get herself knocked up again....that would be falling backwards wouldn't it?

But really. The front walk was finished. Ernie did a great job. Now there are three other homes in our little Hubbard Heights neighborhood who are building strangely similar walkways...he started something. Too bad he couldn't have gotten something for his backache.

So, I'm watching Singing Bee - best show EVER. Those of you who know me know that I woudl totally go home with that trophy. Oh yeah. It would look awesome on my mantel too.

But I digress. I think.

So my kids are one. My job is killer. I am getting recruiter left and right from the likes of Google, Starwood Hotels, Avenue A, it is sick! Former clients are contacting me about doing consulting work. I am HOT! And loving it too. But really, I have a great gig where I am and it just isn't the right time for me to explore too many other options. But mama ain't stupid either. I'll just say that I listen to whatever they have to say, even if it is with mouth agape. All of a sudden everyone wants me, two young adorable boys, a grown man who shares my home, my boss, my client, GOOGLE (yes, the Google), and others who would mean less to those of you who aren't obsessed with the world of search engine marketing and interactive mumbo jumbo. Please don't take this as bragging. I'm really not. I am simply sharing with you all my amazement at how uncannily ironic life is. Remember about a year or so ago when I had no job and was 5 months preggers with twins and FREAKIN the F**K out!? Well, here is karma in effect. Believe.....

So, of course there are more than a million pics to post for y'all to share in the joys of the Adzentoivich summer. Many of you were there. There were so many "events" these past three or four months. Weird. The next thing the hubby and I are looking forward to is seeing Bob Dillon and Elivs Costello in Bridgeport, yes B'port. What we CTers used to refer lovingly to as "the armpit of Fairfield County" - nice, I know. But now there is this new stadium venue there and all of these great acts come to the 'port. So we're going. We have a few baby sitters now - one being my sister who recently relocated from the West Coast to our basement. And the other being this lovely Peruvian girl I found on Craigs List - I've been meaning to thank Craig. Thanks!

OK - husband and sister have just returned from their various lucrative ventures. Time for me to take my leave and enjoy a gin and tonic.

Look again soon for pics. I've missed you so.


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