Friday, March 10, 2006

Emily, Krista, Josette, Melissa, Me...

What do we all have in common? Well we're ALL pregnant!

Since Josette outed herself on her own blog, and she alluded to the fact in her comment here yesterday, I feel that I am now free to make a general announcement.

Doo-do-do-dooooooooo (Trumpet sound)...

Emily is due in April. It will be her second.

Krista is due beginning of July. It will be her first.

Josette is due in beginning of August. It will be her third.

Melissa is due beginning of September. It will be her first.

I am due end of September. It will be my first and second.

When all is said and done there will be 6 new babies among us.

How exciting!

The funny thing is that we are all so separated by geography.

Emily is in Brooklyn.
Krista is in Manhattan.
Josette is in PA (near Harrisburg)
Melissa is in Switzerland.
I am in Connecticut.

However, I still think we will be able to arrange play dates and various get togethers.

Another cool thing to note is that we are all above the age of 30! Go us!

Congratulations girls. I don't know what we've all been drinking but I've evidently double-dipped.

Glad to know I'm not in this thing alone.

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