Friday, March 03, 2006

The Big News Everyone Already Knows

Here goes.....

I am pregnant.

Knocked up.


In the family way.

Got a bun in the oven...

Actually, I've got two buns in my oven. Two identical buns. Either boy's buns or girl's buns (is that four buns or two sets of buns?). We don't know yet.

The question on everyone's mind? Is Ernie flipping out? Well, not actually. He is taking it pretty well. We both are now that the reality has finally sunk in. We are both really, really excited to have an instant family!

Originally, we saw one heartbeat and one baby. That was back in January.

At my second doctor's visit - the one that Ernie stayed home for - they OOPS! discovered a second heartbeat and a second baby. Equal in size to the first.

Excuse me?

My thoughts exactly.

Ultrasound doesn't lie. Two distinct heartbeats - 183 and 174 (something like that).


Please give me a print out of that to show my husband. Thanks, I will drive home now and try very hard not to run anyone down.

Me to husband - well, before you drive me to the train to go to work I have something to tell you.

Husband - something wrong?

Me - well....not sure how to tell you this. There are actually two in there. Here's the picture to prove it.

Husband - huh?


Are you kidding me? (hand in pocket pulling out cell phone to call mother)

Me - Uh, nope. They were big too.

He - Holy Shit.


He -

Me - exact twins

He -

This went on for a while until the phone calls began. Mother/father, other Mother/father. Boss (hello boss. I will be a little bit later than I thought this morning because um, well, I just found out that I am having twins). Sister, brother, best friend.

Two days of euphoria passed. The thought of two sisters or brothers nestled up against one another in my belly was too much to bear without tearing up. They are already bonding. They don't know the world without the other. Amazing.

Followed by one and a half weeks of self-torture. Books. Books = Bad. Too many scary things in books about babies. Especially books about multiples pregnancies. Panic ensues...

Fast forward to next doctor appointment. Husband comes with this time. Damn straight.

Babies do a show for daddy. Twin B does a series of flips over and over. Later Twin B bashes into the membrance seperating him/her from his/her sibling. Slam dancing in-utero. Priceless. Twin A dances in place, does some kicking and head bobbing, but no flips. Cool.

We hear each of their heartbeats on Doppler (just like Acuweather!). Loud! Fast! Boom, Boom, Boom.

Both heartbeats are strong. Good babies.

Now we are in the blissful stage again. I have "dropped the bomb" at the office. Everyone in the world seems to know now. Many of those people have been praying for us since the beginning and we thank you all very, very much. Keep up the good work.

How do identical twins occur? Not hereditary. They are a "fluke" of nature that nobody understands for sure. My sister's theory is it is because we were trying too hard.


Jozet said...


(And I did get your email. I'll write back soon.)

(Oh! And your phone number again? Email me!)

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! and again...



anne said...

A little algebra...


We are soooooo happy for you!

Anonymous said...

VERY exciting!!!