Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Mysterious Incident of the Car Theft in the Night

OK. It really does happen. Scumbags steal cars off the streets of NY. Old cars. Grey cars. Cars parked in front of Churches (well, the Pentacostal Inglesia Church of God, anyway. You know, the one painted hot pink). Cars with no CLUBs. Cars belonging to out-of-towners driving in the night before picking up a loved-one from JFK because it will be "easier" than doing all that driving on one day...*sigh*

To read more about this lovely incident go to Anne's most hysterical recount of yesterday's events here. You will be laughing out loud. I am at my desk at 7pm cracking up by myself (Luckily everyone else has caught the Sacagawea Bus home for the evening - but who am I to talk? Obviously I am not getting any work done either).

It's really enough to just make you want to get out of this dirty city once and for all. People here are gross. And very smelly in the summertime. Especially when they walk up and down the train begging for money at the end of the day. Gross. And did I mention smelly?

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