Monday, July 11, 2005

4th of July at Adzentoivich Woods

For those of you who joined us at the farm for 4th of July weekend, I hope you enjoy reminiscing with the photos posted below.

For the rest of you, sorry we missed you. Hope you can come out some other time this summer.

It was so nice to have everyone at the farm. We had an acoustic jam on Saturday evening at sundown on the front porch (photos to follow at a later date) with the washtub bass, banjo, dobro, 5-gallon bucket drum, spoons, acoustic guitar and various percussion instruments. Deanne sang the Ballad of Cat Town, Genevieve sang a ditty or two, and Ernie serenaded us all with a sweet rendition of Angel from Montgomery.

Afterwards we had our own little fireworks display, courtesy of the AmBest truck stop off of Route 80, and discovered that the new-fangled sparklers are nothing like the old prickly ones we all remember from our youth. The sparklers we bought were more like very long matches that spewed a noxious smoke and burned various colors: red, blue or green. Star gazing was also a big draw...and ne'er a bear was seen.

Anne and Marc stopped by on Sunday just in time for Marc to help the guys build a new retaining wall. Anne brought us some delicious fruit salad that we all enjoyed for the following two days. We heard all about their new goat and their attempts to keep her from roaming the neighborhood looking for company.

Sunday evening we went to Ernie's High School Alma Mater to see the local fireworks display. It was just perfectly small-town USA. Right out of a book.

I built my tree swing, Deanne and Aimme cleared the wooded path to the beach (or the creek, pronounced "crick") that everyone became so fond of, the guys built the said retaining wall and Dad chopped down some trees. Everyone put in a hard days' labor and earned their beer, Amish potato salad and Polish sausages.

At the end of it all we found the perfect sized pole to mount my Grandpa's Head (not his actual head, but a sculpture he made) overlooking our valley. It couldn't have been a more perfect 5 days of food, friends, family and fun.

Oh yeah - and Ernie spent all day Friday mowing the lawns and chopping the trees that fell on our water line.... :-)


Christopher Trottier said...

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.

anne said...

By the way, thank you for a lovely afternoon. We had such a nice time. I almost took a ride over this week to jump in the magic creek but I found a spot closer to home.

Anonymous said...

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