Friday, June 17, 2005

Josette's Meme

Don't ask me what a Meme is, I don' t know. But Josette threw one my way and it is sort of like a challenge. Reminds me of those e-mail chains that come around asking What is your favorite iced cream flavor? What did you eat for breakfast yesterday? etc. A getting-to-know-you-type thing if you will. Of course, coming from Josette this has a literary bent. So here is everything you never wanted to know about me and my literary past, present and future.

1. Estimate the total number of books you've owned in your life.
This is an impossible question. I guess your intellectual prowess is based on how wittily (is this a word?) you answer rather than the actual number of books you have ever owned. Ernie's answer was approximately half as many as the number of records and CDs, I might have to agree. However, as a kid I was a voracious reader and had many, many books before he and I met that I have since parted company with. So let's just say Lots.

2. What's the last book you bought?
The Time Travelers Wife. Purchased at JFK en route to Los Angeles. Still reading it. Having trouble getting into it. I am just not really that interested in Clare and Henry to tell you the truth.

3. What's the last book you read?
That Mysterious Dog in the Night thing that everyone has read. It was a nice quick read. Entertaining. I have always liked British lit. Good beach read. Though God knows why I see everyone on the train reading this book. It wasn't fabulous or anything. Nothing that will become a literary classic by any means.

4. List 5 books that mean a lot to you.
1. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, by you know who.

2. Florence Nightingale, don't know who wrote this one or where I got it from. I would guess my Great Grandmother probably gave it to me. I read this book 17 times (literally) when I was about 8 or 9 years old. The first book I ever read more than once. I think it instilled in me that need to always "save" people whether they ask for it, or need it, or not.

3. The Outsiders by SE Hinton. This one I read at least 20 times. I also was a big fan of the movie. Oh yeah. I had posters of Ralph, Matt, Tom, Emilio, C. Thomas, and Patrick plastered on my walls for at least 2 years. When we read this book in 7th grade I got straight As on every assignment. I could identify with those Greasers. Their need to fit in but their inability to conform. Yes, beautiful.

4. Tibetan Book of Living and Dieing. This book has gotten me through lot's of tough times.

5. I can't think if a 5th. Everything I want to put stems from my youth: Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte's Web, Are you There God? It's Me Margaret, My Friend Flicka. It is so sad that in adulthood I haven't read many books that mean anything to me whatsoever. Maybe I have become so jaded with age that I am unreachable? Or maybe I just always choose to read crappy books.

Next I am supposed to tag 5 people with this Meme. I only know one other Blogger who hasn't already been tagged, and that would be Steph. So go for it girl!

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