Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Silas - Growing Fast!

These photos are from 5 weeks.
Well, Silas is 7 weeks old this week. Boy does time fly! I spent most of the last 7 weeks convalescing in and out of the hospital. There seemed to be one complication after another...

But I won't bore you with the details. Let's just suffice it to say that Yes, you can catch nasty infections from the hospital - even when you weren't sick to begin with. Five rounds of antibiotics we are at 7 weeks!

Silas is a great baby. Sleeps like a champ. No colic. Very happy. Likes to "talk" and laugh all the time. Very different than his twin brothers - but in their defense they were 5 weeks premature and he was almost a week and a half late. So he was technically born "older" than they were. He also holds his head up almost all the time, can roll over from tummy to back and likes to "stand" on mommy's lap!

We have been having issues with diarreah and spitting up - well, Silas has, not me - we think it may be due to all of the anitbiotics his food source has ingested (that would be me). So he has been taking probiotics for the past five days in hopes of regulating his system. Other than that - he has been a dream!

The big brothers love the little guy. Vladimir likes to make sure the Calming Vibrations chair is always switched to "On" when Silas is in it. And Vlad also likes to pull the cord on the toy that makes music so Silas has something to listen to. Very cute. Waylon likes to look at Silas and makes sure he comes with us wherever we go.

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