Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nobody Builds an Aqueduct Anymore

I am sitting here thinking about the great civilizations and my degree in Art History. I am thinking - wow, we sort of suck. I mean our generation created the internet. And that is pretty cool. But does it really have the same impact as The Aqueduct?

Have you ever played Civilization (or Civ, as we call it around here)? I mean, once you build an aqueduct your civilization grows. They are enabled to create agriculture and hospitals. Everything becomes more hygenic, waste management emerges. All possible because someone figured out how to transport water from a place with plenty to a place in need.

Such a simple idea to affect so many throughout many, many generations.

Does anyone do that anymore? I know I don't. Sure, the internet is civilization-changing but not on the same level. It doesn't allow people to live longer or better. It really is just another medium for commerce and information. It isn't a necessity for better living or better health.

Conversly, it may actually have a detrimental affect on your health if you spend too much time with it.

This may be a stupid post. I know. It has been so long since I posted anything and there have been oh so many thoughts in my head of late. So you will have to humor me. Or just skim.

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Jozet said...

Oh! Oh! YOu HAVE to read Pompeii! I know nothing about aqueducts, and this books was fascinating!

Pompeii by Robert Harris!