Monday, January 15, 2007

MLK Post by a Frazzled New Mom (Are you tired of this same old lament yet....)

You Rock, MLK. Thanks for all you did for us. Can't say lots has changed, still lots of people using the 'N Word' and all that, but you's better. I guess. What do I know, I'm a white girl? I do know the news is always talking about how the cops are shooting folks because they are in a particular part of town, or their skin is particularly dark....still seems like there's a long way to go.

But on the lighter side of things (OK, that pun was unintended, and actually it sounds a little creepy, but I am going to leave it anyway)- MLK Day is a day of rest in the advertising world AKA I get the day off. And last year on MLK day I found out I was preggers when I got two pink lines on my plastic pee stick in the middle of a snow storm. I remember walking in the snow to Target in Brooklyn to buy a box of tests because I couldn't stand to wait a day to find out. Look how much can change in a a year...but I digress.

So, today I have a few minutes to write in my blogs. Everyone keeps asking me what's up because I never write anymore. It's not that I don't love you, I do, really. It is just that now that I have gone back to work in the office full time I can't seem to find time to write. The boys require less time but more effort. They sleep more but need to be entertained, or want to be entertaining, when they are awake. And so I must oblige. I am hoping that once they are able to play with EACH OTHER it will allow mommy more time to herself. Is this a pipe dream? Only time will tell.

The beginning of the year has been busy for the A's. We went to visit Great Grandpa Germano on his 89th birthday Jan. 7th (Oh yeah, and I had a birthday on the second, but we won't talk about that).

4 Generations
Great Grandpa Germano and WaylonErnie made his first-ever bundt cake from scratch. Both boys have rolled over in each direction. Grandfather Adzentoivich became Super Grandpa within his first 2 hours with the boys. Grandma and Grandpa Wood bought a timeshare in Antigua so we all will have a place to party into the future. Auntie Dee is in Hawaii. We had a party with all of our friends and their babies from NYC (And the Young-Crozet's who have just returned home to the states after 3 years in Switzerland!).

(Waylon, Leia & Vladimir)
Me, Waylon & Vlad ( 4 1/2 mos), Melissa & Noah (4 1/2 mos), Emily & Simon (9 mos), Krista & Leia (6 mos)Ernie and I have had the flu, the boys somehow managed to keep healthy. Vladi and Waylon had their 4 month vaccinations followed by a 102.2 fever. We made a trekk up to IKEA in New Haven in a fog storm in a borrowed minivan whose defrost button is broken...And now we are looking forward to shopping for a minivan of our own (Well, I am looking forward to it, Ernie keeps grumbling about the payments...).

That being said, I never got the chance to post my traditional Year in Photos for 2006. I promise to try to get to that before January is over. In the meantime, I will post some shots of the first two weeks' goings on.

Happy MLK Day! Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!Adzentoivich Totem Pole...


anne said...

Wow! You've had a busy 2007 so far. Glad to hear you are over the flu and the boys avoided it. Sick babies = not fun. Great photos. I love the Adzentovich totem pole.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Your boys are getting just so big