Thursday, February 02, 2006

We Love Brooklyn - WAH! - Don't Make Us Leave - WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are weeping in our Brooklyn Lager. Only one more day commuting on the C Train from Prospect Heights to Tribeca.

One more day of alternate side of the street parking. Getting lucky and finding a spot near "the Fluffies", or by the park.

One more day to possibly receive a Fresh Direct delivery.

One more day of Disco Linda above our head.

One more day of the legless beggar in the wheelchair on my way home from work.

One more day of being a 10 minute walk away from one of the most beautiful museums in America.

One more day of being a 10 minute walk from 300 different cuisines, all of which can be had for less than $20 and eaten in, taken out, or delivered to your doorstep.

One more day of instant access to the $18 mani/pedi - Monday thru Wed only...

One more day of Gary, The Cracker, MLE, John and Zoe, PROSPECT PARK (no more runs in the park, I can hardly choke back the tears), 7th Avenue, 5th Avenue, Jones Beach, Coney Island, Court Street Bakery, Nino's Pizzeria, Mazolla's Bakery, 200 5th Avenue, Purity Diner, Brownstones - BROWNSTONES! - farmer's market, Christine, 5th Ave Cat Clinic, Park Slope Veterinary, Happy Dry Cleaners, WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I have to stop, I can't take it anymore. It's just too sad. How are we ever going to live in the suburbs? I mean, how do people do it day in and day out? Will we survive? Or will you be reading about our new Brownstone in Sunset Park in about 10 months?

I guess we'll just have to take a great big breath, wave adios but not good-bye, pack our Budget Rental and not look back. I am sure we can do it. There are just far too many great things about Brooklyn to list in any one post. The memories go on and on.

Thanks to our extended Brooklyn family. We are going to miss you guys, but we won't be far away. We will be back for concerts at the Balabans, Brunches with the Heaths and Dinner with the Rowes, drinks with Christine, etc. I promise.

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