Monday, October 03, 2005

Closing Day

I am getting really bad at the blogging thing. Though all the spammers seem to think I do a bang up job of it!

So today we buy a house. We are closing on the house in Stamford but we aren't moving in today. Nope. We are just closing and then coming back to spend the night in Brooklyn. Frustrating, really. But for us it makes no sense to move everything and start paying the commuting cost until we have an accepted offer on our Brooklyn apartment - which we don't. So instead, we are bringing some stuff that we know we won't need anytime in the next month:

1. One bottle of Blue Caracao Liquer
2. One bottle of Grenadine
3. One bottle of Godiva Liquer (seeing a trend here?)
4. Books
5. Books
6. More, books
7. Old towels
8. Old sheets
9. 10 bars of soap
10. 3 cans of refried beans
11. 2 boxes Macaroni & Cheese
12. 3 bottles of hair conditioner
13. Winter parka (hopefully we won't be needing these anytime soon)
14. Did I mention books?
15. 1 kitchen chair

I have no idea how we ended up stocking up on things like soap and refriend beans, these things just happen I suppose. So we will be carting off our unused back-stock of goods. I am sure the house will feel homey in no time at this rate.

I had to throw in the kitchen chair because once I took a minute to think about it I realized that there will be absolutely no place to sit in the house while drinking our Blue Hawaiis, reading books while gnoshing on macaroni & cheesey refried beans.

OK. My husband is barking at me from the other room to get off line and help him "get ready to go". I am guessing what he really means is "please get in here and keep me from pulling out every strand of my hair while I bang my head against this mirror and smoke 200 cigarettes..." So I'd better get in there before I end up with a nut job on my hands.

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